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No more pre-made websites. STOP planting your trees in the neighbor’s garden. Buy the land, we’ll build your garden

WordPress + Woo

The most popular wordpress plugins. You can save over 400 USD on plugins.

10 Bussines days

Programmers don’t want you to know the real time it takes to create a professional website. Why? Easy: More time = More money. We don’t do it quickly; we do it in real time. Pay what’s fair.

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Get a 100% manageable, intuitive, easy-to-handle website. Creating products, receiving reports, and selling has never been simpler. No third-party commissions. The website is entirely yours.

Smart, Simple

Our websites are based on optimized designs developed over more than 10 years, with previously tested tools (plugins); we make sure to stay up to date with the best user experience in the purchasing process. The sites are modern and easily navigable from any mobile device. 100% user friendly.

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Functional eCommerce Features

These features are designed to enhance the user experience, streamline the purchasing process, and support the overall functionality of your e-commerce website.

Mobile Smart add to cart

The smart add to cart mobile shows the variations within a pop up in a single page

Fast loading

Page loading speed is a crucial factor for both: user experience and SEO.

Ajax live search

As the user types, the search results are dynamically updated and displayed in real-time, typically in a dropdown or a list format. This allows users to quickly and conveniently find the desired information without having to wait for a full page refresh.

Mobile Customized

1-10 purchases are completed on a smartphone. Your site has a mobile-friendly version.

Shop, product and style layout

overall design, organization, and visual representation of the shop, individual product pages, and the overall style or aesthetic of the website.

Browser Compatibility

Ensuring browser compatibility involves designing and developing web content that works consistently and effectively across various browsers and their different versions.

Advance payment

Multi-payment platform with a variety of options to offer your clients.

About Us

10 Years in the market!

Our websites are created by the team of TEEMS.AGENCY, a Latin American 360 agency with over 10 years of experience in website development and various online positioning services such as SEO, SEM, social media management, and content creation.

Websites designed

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10 Years of experience


Our Customers

“We’ve been working with Teems Agency for a couple of years and they are constantly fulfilling our expectations. Communication is a plus and the quality of their services is the best. We are happy to have chosen them and we will do it again!”

Juan Martín del Boca
E-commerce Director, MAYREA

“We had past experiences with 2 agencies that did what they said but didn’t really listen to what we needed as a company. With Teems we’ve found that partnership that we needed. Not just a Marketing Agency but people that are working towards your growth. Highly recommended if what you are looking for is professionalism and constant follow-up.”

Martin Bugnard

“The website they created was incredibly professional. The process was simple enough to understand and they offer a great value for money.”

Fede Bluthgen

We have been working with Teems Agency for 7 years, they provide us with social media, design, and web development services. They are our partners, and we consider them a part of our team and growth. They have always been there to help us solve problems..”

Surpiezas Chevrolet


How long does it take you to give me the website?

We will give you the first version of your website within the first 7 Business days after the onboarding call.
With the first version, you’ll have 5 Business days to ask questions and provide feedback if something is not as we said it was gonna be and after that, you’ll get the final version of your website within the next 5 Business days.

What if I want something specific apart from what you offer?

For the $999 you’ll have a lot of premium plugins included and our designs are as professional as you can imagine. Of course, if you need any additional service, we can quote that for you. We have been in the market for 10 years so there is nothing that we can’t do. In the Onboarding Call, you’ll have the possibility to talk to one of our representatives and they can provide you with the quote before we start building your dream website!

Is the Hosting/Domain included in the price?

No. One of the first steps in the process is for you to buy the Domain. We got you a super good offer for you to be able to buy it paying the best price in the market! Once you purchase it, our team will be able to start working on your website. You buy the land, and we build the garden.

After you give me the website, am I going to be able to manage it?

Yes! One of our purposes is for you to be able to manage your website without help. You will get access to a lot of tutorials that will guide you on how to manage the website. But don’t worry! If you don’t have time to manage it, we can do it for you! You can also talk about this with our team.

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